VASL Artist's Workshop 2001
Installation of three sculptures
- Gadani, Pakistan 2001


gadani 1

Title: Gadani 1, Gadani 2, Gadani 3
Size: Variable
Medium: Found objects
Year: 2001

Gadani 1 - Rusted electricity pole, resin, plaster, cloth, acrylic and enamel paint
Gadani 2 - Rusted electricity pole, metal hooks, metal netting and gas cylinders found from the ship breakng area and enamel paint
Gadani 3 - Rusted electricity pole, resin, porcelain electrical caps + enamel paint

This installation was created during a two week VASL workshop at Gadani, Pakistan. The three sculptures were constructed from discarded materials collected from the site. Gadani 1 takes one part of a rusted electric pole and transforms it into a skeleton on which resin and plaster coated plastic cylinders were wrapped around each segment. The resulting form refers to the discarded objects thrown into the sea, only to be overtaken by sea life and the process of encrustation. It is a vertical, tripodal piece, about 10 feet high, and stands like a giant spine or sea creature. Gadani 2 is a comment on the constant electricity load shedding, breakdowns and industrial waste. The electric pole is opened up and a type of prostrate figure appears, with porcelain electrical caps attached to the main body, like feet of an insect. The last piece “Gadani 3” is also a tripod from which objects are hung. It is a collage that employs found hooks, metal netting and gas cylinder handles, wrapped around the main structure. In the same vein as the other pieces, Gadani 3 takes on a figural presence. Yet the pieces that comprise the sculpture retain their own identity more than they are submerged into a figure.


VASL workshop catalog - 2001