Gasworks Artists Residency,
London, UK 1999


21-drawings against a blue wall

Title: 21 drawings against a blue wall
Medium: Ink and blue vellum on paper
Size: 21" x 23" (each drawing)
Year: 1999


EXHIBITIONS (Partial List)
1999 - Solo Show - Gasworks, London
2000 - Solo Show - Chawkandi Art gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
2000 - Group Show - Brunei Gallery, London
2001 - Solo Show - IWSGS, University of Toronto, Canada
2002 - Group Show - Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Canada

During a three-month residency at Gasworks, London, UK (1999), I created over a hundred drawings that related to one another without an implied narrative. In these drawings things were presented in code and worked like a type of Rorschach inkblot test. The viewer as a result created the meaning of the visual tableaux. These drawing are about the inevitability of change pitted against our desire for permanence. We create personas and identities to give form to this desire, but they are constantly coming unhinged. This is approached with humor, playfulness and sympathy. Intended as a testament not only to our vulnerability, but also to our inherent dynamism.