Empire of Dreams Phenomenology of the built environment.
Contemporary artists from Toronto.
Curated by David Liss


Photo Credit: MOCCA Museum (now MOCA)

After-Images: Cedibidaee Reconstruction
Site 9 - 2010

Multi-media Installation, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art,
Toronto, Canada June 19 - August 15 2010

This multi-media installation consists of a sculptural set that is experienced in the dark by a projected video work. The duration of the video is 3 minutes and 20 seconds (looped). It is a silent work and the video is comprised of a series of changing images. This sculptural installation is sixteen feet in width, twelve feet in length and twenty four inches in height. It was installed on the floor of the MOCCA Museum. This sculptural set was enclosed with a viewing platform with an iron pipe fence. The viewing platform was eighteen inches high and thirty six inches wide. There were two steps that led up to the platform. The viewers had to step on the platform to experience the piece and their bodies became a part of the installation by the projection of their shadows onto the floor installation.



[ISSN 1918-2074] ISSUE 3 2010