Press & Publications


2014    Dispatches from Pakistan, by Madiha R. Tahir, ‎Qalandar Bux Memon, Vijay Prashad

2013     The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World,  Mary Zeiss Stange, ‎Carol K. Oyster, ‎Jane E. Sloan

2011     Out of Rubble, Edited by Susanne Slavick. Text by Susanne Slavick and Holly Edwards, published by Charta

2010   Modernism and the Art of Muslim South Asia, Iftikhar Dadi, Stanford University Press, USA

2009   New Cosmopolitanisms: South Asians in the US, Gita Rajan, Shailja Sharma. Stanford University Press

2008   Art and Asia-Pacific  Volume 3

2008   Journeys of the Spirit: Pakistani Art in the New Millennium, Salwat Ali

2007   Memory, Metaphor, Mutations: Contemporary Art of India and Pakistan,
Yashodhara Dalmia and Salima Hashmi. New Delhi, Oxford University Press

2006   West Coast Line  ‎Volume-40  Issue 1-4

2002   Unveiling the Visible: Lives and works of women artists of Pakistan,   Salima Hashmi, ACTIONAID Publisher

2000   Out of the Bubble: Approaches to Contextual Practice,  John Carson, ‎Susannah Silver

1999   Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art

1999   Image and Identity: Fifty years of Painting and Sculpture in Pakistan,
Naqvi, Dr. Akbar, Oxford University Press. Pakistan

1999   Beyond the Future: The Third Asia Triennial, Caroline Turner, ‎Queensland Art Gallery

1997   Crossing Boundaries, Geeti Sen

1997   50 Years of Visual Art in Pakistan, Sangemeel Publications, Pakistan

1997   Karachi, Megacity of Our Times, Hamida Khuhro, ‎Anwer Mooraj

1995   Painters of Pakistan, S. Amjad Ali, National Book Foundation, Pakistan

1993   Women, Myth & Realities, Kishvar Nāhīd


2021   XIII Florence Biennale - Eternal Feminine Eternal Change
Publisher: Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori
Curated by: Giovanni Cordoni and Jacopo Celona

2010   ONE HOUR EMPIRE  [ISSN 1918-2074] ISSUE 3 2010 Empire of Dreams. Exhibition: Phenomenology Of The Built Environment. Curated by David Liss. MOCA, Toronto

2007   Post Object, Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto

2004   DARR: 37 conversations Samina Mansuri, Centre A gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2000   Pakistan: Another Vision. Fifty years of Painting and Sculpture in Pakistan. Edited by Timothy Wilcox. Arts in the Islamic World and Asia House UK

2001   Celebrating the spirit of the arts in Pakistan, The Takhti exhibition, Pakistan

1997   Mappings: Shared Histories…a Fragile Self. Catalog Eicher Gallery, Delhi, India

1995   An Intelligent Rebellion, exhibition catalog, by Bradford Metropolitan, UK

1995   Tampered Surface, exhibition catalog, Huddersfield and Oldham Art Galleries, UK

1996   Between the Visible and Invisible, International Education Workshop, Pakistan


2019   TNS, The News on Sunday  Portrait of an arts teacher,  by Quddus Mirza,

2017   The Wire,  Form and Meaning in Modern and Contemporary Pakistani Art,   by Iftikhar Dadi

2017,  A brief history of Pakistani art and the people who shaped it,  by Iftikhar Dadi

2015   ART NOW, Contemporary Art of Pakistan,  Out of Her Shell, In Her Skin by Amna Iqbal

2014   TNS, The News on Sunday,  Return of the Native, by Quddus Mirza

2012   The Hamilton Spectator, Industrious artists tackle industry,  by Regina Haggo

2011   Art Spotlight: Commemorating a Decade of War,  by Mary Abbe

2010   Canadian Art, Empire of Dreams: City Sounds, by Sky Gooden

2010   The Globe and Mail, Buildings with very modern feelings, by R.M. Vaugham

2010   Asiart Archive, Asian Canadian Art Matters, by Alice Ming Wai Jim

2010   Toronto Star, A vision of the city, warts and all, by Murray Whyte

2010   Nukta Art (Vol.5 – ONE), A Mediated Space, by Amra Ali

2010   The News, City Scrape by Quddus Mirza

2010   Dawn, Negotiating the Mediated Image by Salwat Ali

2010   Newsline, Living in a Third Space, by Salwat Ali

2008   Dawn, COLUMN ART: Framing Art by Niilofur Farrukh

2000   Dawn, (The Review) The Art of Different Worlds  by Niilofur Farrukh

2000   The Herald, Playing with Ambiguities by Dr. Akbar Naqvi

2000   The News, A Work of Multiple Implications by Salwat Ali

2000   Friday Times, Underground Art by Naiza Khan

2000   Dawn (The Review), Life Lines  by Marjorie Husain

1998   Art India Magazine, Breaking Away from the Past Vol.3 issue 1 (January) by Quddus Mirza

1998   Art India Magazine, Addressing Contemporary Concerns Vol.3 issue 1 by Iftikhar Dadi

1997   The News,  The Mystery of Self-Exploration  by Hameed Zaman

1997   Dawn, (The Review), Exploding Root by Marjorie Husain (September)

1997   The Herald,  Creative Tension by Dr. Akbar Naqvi (September)

1997   Newsline,  A New Root by Niilofur Farrukh (October)

1997   The Nation Art Walk by Uzma Durrani (August)

1997   Newsline,  A Brush with the Past by Salima Hashmi (August)

1996   Third Text, UK., Review of Tampered Surface  by John Holt

1995   The Herald, ‘Closed Circuits’ (August) by Dr. Akbar Naqvi

1995   Event, UK, ‘Review of Tampered Surface’  by Alison Edmonds (November)

1995   Dawn Magazine, ‘The New Pakistani Woman in Bradford’   (February)

1995   Dawn (Tuesday Review), An Intelligent Rebellion  by Zafar Masud (June)

1994   The Herald,‘Back to the Zenana’  by Dr. Akbar Naqvi

1994   The Herald,‘Sisters in Art’  by Dr. Akbar Naqvi

1993   Newsline, ‘Westward Hue’ by Niilofur Farrukh  (June)

1993   The Herald, ‘Subtle Interplay’  by Dr. Akbar Naqvi  (May)

1993   The Friday Times, ‘A Curious Cohesion’  by Nadia Abbas

1993   Dawn, ‘Sculpture: The Debate Goes On’   by Hameed Zaman

1993   Newsline, ‘Brave New Woman’  by Niilofur Farrukh  (January)

1993   The Star, Five is a company  by Amra Ali (May)

1993   The Herald, ‘Strange Fruit’  by Dr. Akbar Naqvi (January)

1992   Dawn (review), ‘Women Artists Dominate the Scene”’