My art practice is interdisciplinary and in a constant state of flux. It is hybrid, non-linear and open-ended. My oeuvre demonstrates significant shifts in form and content and does not fit neatly in any category. My process employs continual research and experimentation and I choose the medium that best expresses my ideas/concerns at a particular time. Therefore a wide range of media is explored and each body of work is distinct yet connected.


Title: shell no.1
Size: 53 1/2" x 35 3/4" x 2"
Medium: Synthetic polymer paint on birch plywood
Year: 2014
My recent work [shell]skin (2013 – 2014), exists in the intersection of digital technology, product design, architecture and the body. I take my digital drawings as a starting point to create sculptural constructions that exist in the liminal space of painting and sculpture. These works employ traditional methods as well as new media in a quest for new forms that speak to the increasing malleability of the body and our ability (and desire) through technology to see the inside of things. This body of work expands the dialogue with my works from 1999 (Gasworks drawings) and followed by the Oration series (2001-2005).