2007 - 2009

In this body of work I am investigating place and its
intersection with tertiary memory. I take media depictions
of war-torn places such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq
as well as the twin towers and places ravaged by natural
disasters such as New Orleans as a starting point.
Frequently the architecture of these locals is represented
as shattered - reduced to ash or rubble.

Many of the images one sees on the news are aerial views
of a specific place. Aerial views tend to provide viewers with
a detached sense of actual place. Through a transformed
language of aerial cartography I create subjective mappings
of an ambiguous location of trauma. I invent these fictional
sites and alter histories in order to release time and bodily
experience. Through this work I aim to bring attention to
viewers about mediated representations of misery and
its impact on individual and public memory.


Title: Cedibidaee (16)
Medium: Giclee Print, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, Archival
Size: 8" x 10"
Limited edition of 20